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Sheep Meadow Perfume


Eau de parfum by Thin Wild Mercury's newest New York collection, 50ml. 

Notes: Lavender bloom, blueberry jam, chocolate, almond, denim, amyris, tonka bean, absolute, vetiver. 


Lush bluegrass sprawls across a 15 acre tree-lined lawn in the southwest section of Central Park, a meadow whose intended purpose has remained as a bright green beacon of quiet peace. Sheep Meadow bears its name as the 1860's Olmstead & Vaux park design that was in fact a pasture for sheep, a decision made in direct opposition to earlier plans for a military drill ground. While Sheep Meadow has remained a respite from the surrounding city, it has also been the site of protest: "Be-In"s" protesting the Vietnam war, the "Moon-In" celebrating the 1969 moon landing, the destination of the 1 year Stonewall commemoration parade aka "Gay Woodstock", and free concerts from Barbara Streisand, to Jefferson Starship, to its final show headlined by James Taylor to help raise funds for the meadow's repairs in 1979.