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Girl of the Year Perfume


Eau de parfum by Thing Wild Mercury's newest New York collection, 50ml.


Notes: Lipstick, incense, smoker's leather jacket, sandalwood, orris root & vintage fur.


The "It Girl" as a concept was born from the pen of journalist Tom Wolfe and captured in the print of The New York Herald Tribune in 1964. The woman herself was immortalized on the arm of Andy Warhol. The muse, the gamine, a  profound symbol of the culturati-- The Girl of the Year. Mistakenly first attributed the Edie Sedgwick, the original subject of Wolfe's essay was Baby Jane Holtzer, the socialite muse of the pop art king of The Factory. As soon as she took agency over her marriage, a new It Girl, Edie, was crowned in the pages of Vogue and The New York Post. Cemented in celluloid, these women have been regarded as mere muses of the greats, but were in fact gifted artists themselves working more as collaborators behind the scenes: their genius being the unseen force driving their lasting influence. Until the next one is crowned.