168 W. Kennedy St.
38 Main St.

34 Bohemian Cafes Perfume


Eau de parfum by Thin Wild Mercury's newest New York Collection, 50ml,


Notes: Juniper branch, pink peppercorn, finished cedar wood, arm leather, ambient rose, tobacco smoke, sticky woods, subterranean musks & iris. 


The Beat Generation was conceived uptown and Beatniks were born in the Village. With Colombia University abutting the jazz clubs of Harlem, the would-be founding fathers of the Beats, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and William Bourroughs, were in attendance of both sites in the late 1940's. Two coastlines of Bohemia coalesced where blossoming poet Kerouac found himself influences by the Burgeoning musical language of Bebop jazz musicians. By the late 1950's a scene would emerge downtown in Greenwich Village, with long established coffee houses morphing into late night courts of poetry, jazz, folk music, and exhibition. As the scene grew, so did the number of cafes and tensions between artist and bureaucrat. The convergence of cultures paired with the rebellious nature of nonconformity created iconic works of literature and music, along with a permanent shift in society's attitude toward living life without meaning.